Sunday, September 25, 2005

Early Warning Systems

Early Warning Systems
Have you noticed an increase in how many newspaper articles reference blogs as sources, or at least as a flag flying above something that's going on that the traditional journalism has overlooked? How about how many personal blogs - with just a few readers - serve as repositories for personal ideas? How about finding something new out from a blog versus a magazine?

I've recently started reading blogs for a bunch of different reasons and about a bunch of different things. I'm curious to start writing one.

In a lot of different ways, we can conceive of blogs as an early warning system. Most obviously in the world of politics, in that bloggers have set the agenda for traditional journalism on more than one occassion, and now they are part of the information-gathering that lays the groundwork for what traditional newsreaders understand is THE news. I'm not interested in doing political blogging, but am in awe of how much it's changed the landscape. And I think blogging's effects on the news system is what put it on the map.

I think it's also an early warning system for ideas - take a look at what you've written, recorded, uploaded, noted and see what patterns there are emerging. This is my selfish reason for starting a blog.

And finally, I find out unexpected things from blogs all the time - support material for my own research, cool music, web, article links, and of course, more blogs. Hopefully I can serve this purpose for others too.

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