Monday, September 26, 2005


Mediamatic mediamatic mediamatic mediamatic. They host amazing new media artist projects in Amsterdam, and although it's my hometown, I've never had a chance to experience a live and direct mediamatic moment. As live and direct as anything hosted by an organization combining the root words media and -matic could be.

A favorite of mine is A Secret Service, a project by Sasker Scheerder and Olaf Matthes. You submit your secret secret password and it will be read at a time that you specify everyday. You can tune in at that time to get your password - just set your alarm!

Currently they're hosting a lot of work around A few different artists use the concept of flickr's metatags to play with our ideas of personal and public, and our curiosity about images and strangers' ideas - to which we have unprecedented access in this age.

Also, check out red herring's article on the founders of flicker, Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield.

Nothing like the business perspective to complement the arts perspective...

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