Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Having Broadband=Dem?

Having Broadband=Dem?
Broadband Households and Presidential Preference Parallel

Leichtman Research Group, Inc., in their updated report,
Broadband, Cable and DBS Across the US 2005, found that at
the beginning of 2005 broadband penetration of households in
the US stood at close to 29% nationwide. Significant state-
by-state disparities in broadband penetration remain,
however. While these disparities are largely related to
variations in household income across the states, these
differences are strikingly similar to the state-by-state
splits in the 2004 presidential election.

Eight states had broadband penetration over 35% - all voted
for John Kerry in 2004

Eleven states had broadband penetration at or below 20% - all
voted for George Bush in 2004

Cumulative broadband penetration in states that voted for
Kerry was 33% - compared to 25% in states that voted for

My comments: hard to say what this means without getting individual data.

Does having faster connection speed=higher income+more education=dem?

Does having access to more varied info via broadband lead one to vote dem?

Does wanting more varied info lead to investing in broadband?

Or is it all just a huge coincidence?

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